What is Biowood

Biowood is a WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) material made from 70% plantation forest wood and 30% addi tives and Plastic.

         The 70% wood part of Biowood is from plantation grown wood. Sawmill waste is collected and turned into wood flour. It then combined with virgin and/or recycled plastic resin, and blended with pigments to make pellets of more than 20 different colours. These pellets are then combined to make a range of products of various colours through a heated extrusion process. The elements and the way they are combined makes Biowood a very durable, stable, attractive, easy to use, recyclable building product.

         Biowood can use for interior and exterior architectural decoration such as outdoor wall panelling, indoor wall panelling, fluted panel, celling panel, roofing, louver, flooring, decking, Skirting and much more.

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  • Similar to applications of natural wood products.
  • Having the beauty of natural timber appearances and environmentally Friendly.
  • Have more variable shade of colors and textures.
  • Weather/Humidity/Mould/Rust/Water/Termite Resistant.
  • No rotten problem.
  • Light weight, sound proof and Life long validity.
  • Fire insulation and no toxic chemical substance.
  • Can be extruded into various shapes by using any conventional woodworking tools.
  • Can be sawed, nailed, screwed and bended.
  • More durable and low maintenance cost compared to real wood.
  • Can be used both internal and external decoration with innovation standardized equipment.

Why Choose Biowood?

Biowood architectural reconstituted wood composite products features and benefits include utilizing PEFC-certified recycled wood floor.

The products retain the natural aesthetic wood look and feel, are termite resistant, water resistant (less than 0.05% water absorption), do not bleach and are proven time tested for residential and commercial application.

Biowood is an alternative architectural sustainable building solution which is available in range of options to suit various functional and aesthetic requirements.

Biowood are designed for cost savings installation, low maintenance and are ideal for residential, commercial and nearby marine environments.

Going Green

Our products utilise 70% reconstituted wood, 50% of the dry weight in the wood used being carbon.

As a result, its stored carbon and low embodied energy help reduce our carbon footprint which contribute to the Greenhouse effect making our products environmentally friendly.

“HANYO BIOWOOD is actively seeking new ways to help sustain our environment
today in order for a better future tomorrow.”

Biowood Architectural Reconstituted Composite Wood – it is wood engineered to near perfection. Not only do they look and feel like a true high quality product should, they are also 100% recyclable and have a low environmental impact.

So when you choose to use Biowood products, you are making a difference by helping to sustain our environment with a sustainable, high quality timber alternative.



HANYO provide services of supply install the Quality manufacturer of composite fire retardant building products such as decking, screening, wall paneling, cladding, ceiling, facades, street furniture, louver and flooring products providing environmentally friendly, fire resistant, low maintenance, versatile and easy installation composite timber alternative solutions for residential and commercial applications.


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Welcome to Hanyo Biowood, a wood plastic composite company that produces high-quality WPC products for residential and commercial projects.

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