HANYO Biowood has a years-long history of distributing natural and artificial wood products across Malaysia. We grew from a trading business that supplies flooring materials into one of the major distributors of Biowood products in Malaysia. Since 2017, we also have our line of vinyl tile production based in Tronoh, Perak. Do you have any questions about Biowood solutions, timber wood products, and wood plank designs we offer? Or do you already have an idea in your mind? Contact us below and we’ll be happy to come back with our quote and all the answers you need!

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Wood Plank Homogeneous Long Series Flooring

At HANYO Biowood, we offer you a wide range of wood plank designs and homogeneous 19.5ft per pcs long series flooring solutions. It’s no secret that something as simple as wooden planks can turn your home or commercial property into a better place for relaxation and enjoyment. Wood plank homogeneous long series flooring is both premium, cost-effective and extremely comfortable for your feet. When compared to traditional hardwood flooring, a wood plank design is easier to maintain and way more affordable and durable. Thanks to its comprehensive “click-together” joints, homogeneous flooring of easy-to-install. At the same time, it’s also great in terms of withstanding everyday wear. 

Why Choose Extruded Wooden Plank Design?

More Cost-effective

A wooden plank design is considerably more cost-effective than hardwood. Yet its authentic, nature-inspired look makes it nearly indistinguishable from the more expensive timber.

Highly Customizable

Depending on your needs in every specific case, your wooden plank design can feature a water-, stain- or/and scratch-resistant surface. 

Trouble-free Installation

If DIY is your thing, assembling a wood plank flooring won’t be a big deal for you. Thanks to the simple click-and-lock installation, you can easily do it yourself with no glue!

Easy Cleaning

Keeping your wood plank laminate flooring clean couldn’t be easier. You don’t ever have to varnish, polish, wax or clean it with special chemicals. To clean laminate flooring, use a damp cloth to wipe up spills and dirt