Welcome to HANYO Biowood

HANYO Biowood is one of the leading wood paneling companies in Malaysia. The founder of our company loves WOOD, no matter whether it’s natural wood, artificial wood, or WPC products. He brought back the Biowood products from Japan after 10-years of working experience and stay there. Currently, our wood panel company produces high-quality WPC products for residential and commercial projects in Indonesia. Moreover, we offer you many solid timber solutions, wood paneling for walls, Biowood decking, composite wood products, wood plank laminate flooring, etc. At HANYO Biowood, we strive to preserve the forests of our planet, delivering you the most eco-friendly solutions with a natural look and feel!

What Is Biowood?

Biowood is an eco-friendly and durable alternative to hardwood timber. The shape and profile of a Biowood product are 100% decided by the extrusion mold. That’s why Biowood has its unique system of clippings that turns it into a DIY building material (like Ikea furniture), which is extremely easy to assemble! Moreover, Biowood is more lightweight and durable than timber. Still, it perfectly maintains the natural look and feel of wood at the same time.

Eco-friendly Wood Panel Company

Our business helps largely to minimize or reduce cutting trees and deforestation. We aim to not only supply Biowood standalone profile products but also to supply the full-blown Biowood Lego house systems in near future. Currently, we offer our clients more than 1001 sorts of Biowood profile wood paneling products. We will continue developing new profiles until our Biowood products range would 100% suffice as an alternative solution to replace natural solid timber wood.

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Through our products, we are committed to redefining the value of trees on our planet by providing you with lightweight, efficient and healthy alternatives to conventional building materials. If you’ve got a question about any of our wood paneling products or services we offer, give us a call today!